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"R. Thomas is the solution to eating healthy when you're eating out. They have set a new paradigm in the restaurant industry. Not just as restaurateurs, but also as educators and teachers. I am grateful to Jim, Richard and all the employees at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill."

- Donna Gates
Nutritional Consultant, The Body Ecology Diet

"I am asked every day by patients and friends, "Where can I find food that tastes good and is good for you?" One place that always comes to mind is R. Thomas Deluxe Grill."

- Dr. Joe Esposito
Nutritionist, Eating Right For The Health of It

R.Thomas History“Every time I come here, there is always something new!” a customer once told me. And from when I first started working for my father on opening day in the fall of ’85, that has been very true. Something new is always coming from R.Thomas.

Richard “R” Thomas has lived many roles, from hardworking restaurant laborer, to driven entrepreneur, a creative designer, a successful businessman, a leader and innovator. From a wandering journeyman, to wacky recluse, a humble activist, an animal lover (specialty in birds), and a gardener. Since planting roots here at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill, R plays all these roles. It is under the guidance of a seasoned gardener and a committed father that we are always flourishing, changing and growing.

R.Thomas Deluxe Grill HistoryWe started as a funky burger joint, (inspired by some free-spirited souls in San Francisco), with nonstop breakfast, a kinda healthy flair, and a 24-hour heart. “I lost the keys to the place on opening day, so we just stayed open,” chuckles R, and we were off and running.

Come 1990, R was inspired again. We found a little thing called a Gravity Bar, which makes fresh juice for people to order. R just had to have one. So to make room he took all the tables and chairs out of the building. “Wait a minute,” I piped up, “Where are folks gonna sit? Thought you gave up on drive-thru windows! Are people just going to sit outside?” Of course! Little did I know the vision that was taking place, as some modest outside seating was transformed into the lush covered-garden patio oasis we are happy to serve our guests under today.

R. Thomas Deluxe Grill HistoryOnce you start changing things, people take notice. We started offering fresh carrot juice alongside burgers, and new friends came along to help us out. Under the instruction of our consulting chef and nutritionist Donna Gates (author of The Body Ecology Diet), we started to really explore the healing power of food.

We decided to expand our horizons and offer a broad variety. “We treat carnivores and vegetarians with equal respect” says R, but it is more than just that. High-quality ingredients: cold pressed organic oils for cooking and dressings, fresh produce, homegrown herbs from our garden, local organic honey and bee pollen, organic grains, ocean vegetables, free-range chicken, organic-range eggs, natural-range beef and organic salmon, wild-caught tuna, powerful superfoods like kefir and raw cultured vegetables are the cornerstones of a menu that honors everyone’s food choices.

R.Thomas Deluxe Grill HistoryNo matter when you come or wherever you may be in your dining and nutrition path, from our family to yours, welcome to R. Thomas!

- James Russell Thomas

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