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"R. Thomas is the solution to eating healthy when you're eating out. They have set a new paradigm in the restaurant industry. Not just as restaurateurs, but also as educators and teachers. I am grateful to Jim, Richard and all the employees at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill."

- Donna Gates
Nutritional Consultant, The Body Ecology Diet

"I am asked every day by patients and friends, "Where can I find food that tastes good and is good for you?" One place that always comes to mind is R. Thomas Deluxe Grill."

- Dr. Joe Esposito
Nutritionist, Eating Right For The Health of It

Food for Life


“You are what you eat.” I remember this expression from early childhood, but never gave much thought as to what that really meant until recently.

After a long career in the food business, I had begun to notice a change. The food did not feel the same; neither did I feel quite the same. In my search for improved physical health, I found a parallel between what we have done to the outer environment, and what is happening to our health.

Two passions (other than food) that I enjoy are gardening and birds. It was through these two that I found a connection to the food. As a gardener, I pumped man-made chemicals into my garden that were recommended for maximum growth and minimum pests. I could never really eliminate the pests, and I also began to notice reactions to the chemicals from my birds who inhabit the garden. I eliminated all of the synthetic chemicals, and began using all-natural fertilizers and feeds. Not only did I notice an improvement in the health of the birds, and vitality of the garden, but I lost the pests altogether. Could there be a connection? As I explored organics for my garden, I became more educated about organic foods and holistic health. I came to realize the miracle that the human body is deeply connected to the planet itself and the food supply that springs from it.

In a relatively short span of time, modern man has changed that environment, and Mother nature is responding in kind with a food supply that is becoming less safe, and with health conditions that we are just coming to understand. Our inner body ecology is a delicate balance of living organ- isms that, like the outer environment, is reacting to the changes we give it.

“Let Your Food Be Your Medicine.”

We decided to expand our horizons and offer a broad variety. "We treat carnivores and vegetarians with equal respect" says R, but it is more than just that. High quality ingredients: cold pressed organic oils for cooking and dressings, fresh produce, homegrown herbs from our garden, organic grains, ocean vegetables, free range chicken, natural range beef & organic salmon, powerful super foods like kefir and raw cultured vegetables are the corner stones of a menu that honors everyones food choices.

As a businessman, I realize that many folks still think of food, and eating out in particular, as a form of entertainment, not as medicine. As a restaurateur, I hope to provide a broad range of alternatives from which to choose. The decisions are up to you. Remember, you are what you eat!

- R. Thomas


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