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R Thomas Deluxe Grill Menu

"R. Thomas is the solution to eating healthy when you're eating out. They have set a new paradigm in the restaurant industry. Not just as restaurateurs, but also as educators and teachers. I am grateful to Jim, Richard and all the employees at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill."

- Donna Gates
Nutritional Consultant, The Body Ecology Diet

"I am asked every day by patients and friends, "Where can I find food that tastes good and is good for you?" One place that always comes to mind is R. Thomas Deluxe Grill."

- Dr. Joe Esposito
Nutritionist, Eating Right For The Health of It

R.’s Store Books and Healthy Living Items

StoreAvailable in our restaurant store.

R. Thomas T-shirts - 20.00
Special Teapots 20.00
Celtic Sea Salt or Pepper Grinders 7.00 each
Gourds 15.00
Bombillas 10.90
Yerba Mate loose 12.00/lb.
Muscogee Tea bottle 15.00
Dr. Tate’s Herbal Blood Tonic 29.95


The Body Ecology Diet
by Donna Gates 24.95

The Self Health Revolution
by J. Michael Zenn 12.95

Eating Right for the Health of It!
by Dr. Joe Esposito 15.95

The Living Foods Lifestyle
by Brenda Cobb 18.95

Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth
by Peter Kelder 12.95

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